Body cosmetic orthodontics located in ginowan and the new city, and minor facial corrections and total Salon
I think it is our long-awaited beauty beautiful even now gone back to waste precious time and money.
But to our customers Want to thank spent in smile forever We believe because of careful consultation and effective treatment.
And more than anything"I'm glad after treatment your smile" For all of usThe best power sourceWe become.

-Hyper knife and
It is focused on high-frequency and break down fat, eliminate cellulite slimming machine."Knife-fat trim.From hyper knife was named.

Has been featured in various media
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Treatment effect of body beauty once

KOBO HOUSE body beauty correction, adjust the joints, in relaxing the muscles safely and gently pull out the effect.
  • Do not use the machine. Safe and headache.
  • Whole body posture.
  • Will have legs, hip effect.

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