Kobohouse of high technology to learn! And for the many requests, we hold a school. You wearing a technology, not a minor facial corrections and cosmetic orthodontics specialist?


  • Hccc
  • Practice type
    You can learn practical technology cultivated in the extensive field experience.
  • Short term intensive
    You can learn only what is necessary to aggregate the curriculum that are necessary for Salon.
  • Follow-up
    Not only the technology education, until the opening of the Salon will be following up in total.

Q. Lack of beauty and health knowledge and experience, but is it safe?
A. Of course it is. Most of the people starts after enrolling in University. Business Center to have fun and learn.

Q. You can practice after graduation?
A. We always offer the space after graduation. As a bed, towels, supplies products, 1000 yen per"installation check the tractor.

Q. Payment of the tuition fees is uneasy. What is the payment method?
A. Split payment of the card is also available, so please contact us.

Q. How the initial investment in to practice at home after the course completion is required?
A. From the bed, cosmetics, etc. at least 300000 yen as it is possible.



営業時間 9:00-18:00 (No regular holidays)