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Shop in nearby ginowan tropical beach themed sea we consciously use aromatherapy and relaxing space.

To worry about guests in a homely atmosphere, will visit for the first time, you can relax.

Okinawa Convention Center for more than 3 minutes ' walk

Across the street from the Prefectural Museum of fine arts, 3F, au


Desire to want to work where I want to live my dreams of independence, while working in a beauty salon in Tokyo while you let piled up experience, anyway do not 10/2006 originally established in the Convention area.

Start thinking deeply about health and beauty for your real"To realize immediate effect how you cannot enhance sustainability in addition? 」Evolved a method of trial and error, to correct systemic skeletal combining technology ever attempted.

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I was impressed when I first saw the site of the actual kobohouse.
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Hours of operation 9:00~18:00 (No regular holidays)

Hours of operation 11:00-20:00 (No regular holidays)