-Hyper knife and
It is focused on high-frequency and break down fat, eliminate cellulite slimming machine."Knife-fat trim.From hyper knife was named.

Hyper knife is amazing!
  • Warm x relaxation special handpiece
    With a special shape instrument approach to the stubborn fat.
  • Rid of stiff neck, low back pain and leg swelling and tiredness
    Slimming are, of course, shoulder, low back pain and other problems unique to women, such as swelling of the legs also thorough approach!
  • Ideal for anti-aging!
    Hyper knife facials to demonstrate the profound effect with slimming anti-aging also prefer to be perfect.
  • Is different from the typical high-frequency!
    And the so-called radio-frequency RF used in many beauty salons, so do not use the electrodes burn care.

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Compared to strong massage treatments using traditional beauty equipment and hand techniques almost without pain, deep in very fine-grained and peaceful feel amazing to receive care.
Three major benefits in the power tree seraph
  1. Move the excess fat
    Skinny legs, jacket, hip and stubborn CORI wide range, such as how to stop cellulite improvement, face lift,Identifies the body, and then move the excess fat
  2. Slimming & Detox
    Power tree, care expensive cellulite, lymphatic drainage effect. In additionExpels waste matter in the detoxificationIncreases.
  3. Deep relaxation effect
    In certain rhythm and pressureTo go deep into tight course CORI。 Enjoy the experience such as hot stone relaxation sensation by heated power tree.

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And herbal treatments-
And spongier and irritate your skin, which is called "Fractional Prickel Complex", which promotes cell activity than traditional 5-contains six times.
Disseminating ingredients by massaging the skin overall uniformly without gaps and to active ingredients deep within your skin and promotes the absorption.
As a result, leads to skin your skin in a short period of time, play healthy and supple.
* List price is the tax rate.

* List price is the tax rate.

-In other words, darkening of the oil, in,
Sebum in the pores and make-up impurities, such as Caspar, can not drop quite to suction and then by the action of the ultrasonic mist and blow away dirt.
* List price is the tax rate.

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